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01 May

 Maharashtra Day:

Maharashtra Day,maharashtra din, maharashtra day 2011


History of Maharashtra Day:

Before celebrating the most auspicious day Maharashtra Day, we should know about the Maharashtra Day.

Maharashtra attained statehood on 1st of May, 1960 when the then state Bombay state was divided into two states, Maharashtra and Gujarat on the basis of different languages, Marathi and Gujarati, under the Saurashtra re-organization act.

So on 1st May we celebrate MaharashtraDay.

Karnala fort actually consists of two forts one at a higher level and other lower. At the centre of the higher level is a 125 feet high basalt pillar. It is also called Pandu’s tower. This structure was used as watchtower when the fort was occupied however now it is in a ruined condition. The presence of bee hives also makes it difficult to climb and have resulted in at least one casualty in recent times. There is a water cistern which provides fresh water all year long. From the top the forts of Prabalgad and Rajmachi are clearly visible.

Shivaji conquered it from the Portuguese in 1670 by building breastworks as he advanced .After his death in 1680 it was taken over by Aurangzeb. After this the Mughals occupied it for some time after which it in 1740 with the rise of the Peshwas of Pune it went to them. It remained under the command of killedar (garrison commander) Anantrao until a colonel Prother won the fort and established the rule of the British East India Company there in 1818.

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Happy Maharashtra Day
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